If you are a person who regularly types in the same type of email response in Gmail such as a marketing person confirming dress code for an event or an Accounts person chasing up an overdue bill, it can be quite cumbersome and time wasting having to retype the same email over and over again. An easy way to get around this is by setting up Canned Responses in your Gmail account. We show you how to set this up and configure them within a matter of minutes below.

How to setup Canned Responses in Gmail

Enable the Canned Responses option in Gmail Labs

First of all, you need to enable the Canned Responses ability in Gmail before you start creating your desired templates!
We hope that this guide helped you save valuable typing time! Although, since this is from the Lab section in Gmail, it may mean that the Canned Response feature could disappear or functionality change at any moment! It does appear this feature is quite popular but just a word of warning if you grow a fair bit reliant on it.
In Gmail, select the Gear icon.
Click on Settings from the drop down menu.
In the Settings section, click the Labs tab.
In the Labs tab, scroll down and select the radio button Enable for Canned Responses.
Scroll down to the bottom and click Save Changes.

Enable the Canned Responses option in Gmail Labs

Gmail will then reload to your inbox. Now since the Canned Responses feature has been enabled, time to create a Canned Response! Compose a new message in Gmail with the content you want to save as a template for reuse. When you are ready, click on the More Options menu (the down arrow in bottom right corner).
Select or hover your cusor over the option Canned responses.
Enter in a name for the New Canned Response (it automatically copies the subject line of the new email but you can amend the name to whatever you want). Press OK to save.
Now the newly created Canned Response has been saved. The next time you compose a new message, select the More Options button.
Scroll to Canned Responses and you will see the newly saved Canned Response appears in there. You can now see the options to Insert, Save or Delete a canned response.
To add the Canned Response to our email, click Insert.
The Canned Response has been successfully inserted along with the name of the template in the subject line.

Delete a Canned Response

If you want to delete a Canned Response, simply navigate to the More Options menu, the Canned Responses in the drop down and click the one you want to remove under the Delete heading.
You are asked to confirm deletion of the Canned Response. Press OK. Remember you can't get it back once deleted!
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